17 job openings at the AI Innovation Center

Are you an AI specialist or fanatic and have you always wanted to work at one of the world’s biggest high-tech campuses? Join one of our residents at the AI Innovation Center and become part of a vibrant community of start-ups and freelancers specializing in AI and related technologies. We’ve collected 17 job openings, and also introduce you to one of our community members looking for a new challenge.


Datacation is an enthusiastic team of econometricians and data scientists. Using big data, mathematical models, and the latest algorithms, they help organizations create substantial and long-lasting value so that they become even more successful. Currently, Datacation is looking for a:

Data scientist NLP

Machine Learning Engineer

Senior Data Engineer

Team of Datacation


Stactics develops various innovative solutions for enterprises and governments. Using artificial intelligence (AI) as a starting point, they create models and applications that make their partners’ products smarter. Stactics deploys AI as an extra sense to enrich humans and make decisions fundamentally better. Join the Stactics team as a:

Data Engineer

Junior Business Analyst

Junior Software Developer


Noosware is a research focused company working on cloud intelligence solutions. To support its work in the Noos cloud robotics platform and in the MARS research project, Noosware is looking for a: 

Cloud AI Engineer

Axelera AI

Axelera AI delivers an AI-native game-changing hardware and software platform to accelerate artificial intelligence. Headquartered in the AI Innovation Center of the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, Axelera AI has R&D offices in Belgium, Switzerland, UK and Italy and operations in 15 European countries. Currently, their team in Eindhoven has the following openings:

AI Compiler Software Engineer

AI Embedded Software Engineer

AI Firmware Engineer

Global People & Culture Manager

Marketing & Communications Internship

Team of Axelera AI


Serendipity creates sustainable solutions for the societal challenges of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. The company develops methods (supported by technology) that will help the world digitize in a human way. They help companies to stay ahead, be meaningful, and become future-proof and relevant. Serendipity is looking for a:

Progress Manager

Junior Progress Manager


Resleeve uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to generate infinite unique fashion concepts and bring them to life in hyper-realistic e-commerce visuals. The team of Resleeve is looking for a:

Visual Content Creator/Designer
PR Manager
Social Media Manager

Are you looking for a freelancer?
One of our community members is available for a new challenge:

Willem van der Geest is a freelance (senior / lead) data scientist with a passion for computer vision. He has a lot of project experience in different fields (from healthcare to automotive and startup to multinational), and strives to work in an environment where ambition, innovation, and AI come together. 

Be sure to contact him for a cup of coffee if you are looking for someone to contribute to your AI project or team!

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