AI Innovation Center 2021 Recap

2021 was the year that the AI Innovation Center was launched and developed with a clear objective: to industrialize AI in the region. This means that our goal is to help companies adopt AI in their business and innovation approach. Just a few months after our inauguration, we’re happy to share some of the results in this 2021 Recap!

Let’s get started with some facts & figures about 2021:

  • More than140 people representing over100 organizations are engaged in the AI Innovation Center Community platform
  • 13 companies have established at the AI Innovation Center
  • We are re doubling up in size in 2022, this allows us to keep growing the AI ecosystem
  • 4 AI Circles have been established
  • Over 20 AI events have taken place at the Center
  • Over 25 groups of companies, governmental institutions and students visited the Center

The state of AI in 2021 by AI Innovation Center:

Our insight about AI in the ecosystem indicates that AI adoption continues to exponentially grow. The benefits remain significant and more focused on the cost-savings front than revenue. As the use of AI in business becomes more common, the tools and best practices to make the most out of the technology have also become more complex and challenging to yield full benefit.

AI adoption and impact
The majority of community members state that their organizations start/have adopted AI capabilities,as AI’s impact on both net income and cost savings is growing. The business functions where AI adoption is most common are operations, product/solutions development, marketing and sales. 

The differentiators
The companies seeing the biggest net income impact from AI adoption are more likely to follow both core and advanced AI best practices including machine learning and moving their AI work to the cloud.

Some highlights

Back to Business: AI Edition
Developing AI involves much more than just numbers. Artificial Intelligence has limitless potential; such possibilities and also the challenges were discussed during an online seminar organized by the High Tech Campus Eindhoven and AIIC. Speakers from NXP Semiconductors, ASML, Axelera AI, Autoscriber, Fruitpunch AI and Scailable presented during the webinar.

The first CodeMaster chapter organised in Brainport Eindhoven successfully concluded on the 15th of December. Through a 10-week program developed by Accenture, 17 Dutch refugees learned the basics of coding with Python. Community members volunteered as trainers to support the program. The participants presented their final projects on the 15th of December. Read the recap here.



In 2021 we were able to unite networks by bringing together large audiences during physical and hybrid events. We experienced that physical gatherings increase engagement and the probability to initiate new projects and initiatives. Therefore, we aim to continue launching live and hybrid events in 2022.

Since our goal is to help companies embark on their journey towards AI adoption, we’ve designed a series of events that focus on different technology fields. On the 25th of January, we launch in collaboration with AI Hub Brainport the first out of four sessions on MedTech. 

AI Innovation Sessions for MedTech: Discover the potential of AI highlights several use cases and the potential of AI in the MedTech industry. Join our speakers Martijn van Grieken, Data Science Director at Gimix, David Rijlaarsdam, Business Unit Manager Artificial Intelligence at DEMCON, and start-up pitch from Koen Bonenkamp, Co-founder of Autoscriber.  

Keep an eye on our social media channels for future sessions. Be inspired by new insights, new applications and proven success stories about AI in healthcare. Learn from testimonials about how organizations are implementing and embracing the benefits of AI.


Resident News

From Axelera AI: 
“2021 has been a tough year but also an amazing year for us. It started with the illusion to close by early February our investment round and start up the company. Unfortunately few investors started doubting our plan, our technology, our ambitions, but we didn’t give up, we NEVER give up, and eventually we convinced them that we could make it happen.”

“Finally in July we got the deal done, raising even more that we planned – we ended up with 10 million euro, one of the largest seeds in AI worldwide. From that moment we accelerated or better- axelerated ;-)”

axelera ai

2022 will be our year, the year where we are going to unveil our product line, our technology, our partnerships. We will continue our expansion with the target to have onboard by next December more than 100 talented people making Axelera AI one of the fastest AI startup in Europe and worldwide.”

From Cboost: 
Cboost started business in Q4 2020, so 2021 was an exciting year with its one year anniversary. In 2021 we successfully finished 17 successful projects in 2021 for 14 customers and have grown quickly to over 15 people. We also started several internal R&D projects in the field of Robotics, deep learning and computer vision. Cboost has taken its first steps towards becoming the ‘go to’ AI integrator by adding (integrated) intelligence to the ‘classic’ manufacturing industry and mechatronics industry. We have also initiated our long term R&D programs to be able to achieve our mission to Robotize unpredictable work and bring high tech to the craftsman. We are looking forward to 2022 where we will open our office at the AI Innovation Center and continue our dream to use Robotics and AI for a sustainable and healthy world.”


From Serendipity: 
“What a year for Serendipity! After having won the Horizon2020 EU call for Flying Forward, we have moved fast to build our MVP: the Digital Toolbox. It has now come to a level that it is close to being ready for the market. The goal of the product? Helping cities to use digitisation for solving societal challenges.”

“For the upcoming year we are also aiming to scale fast with their consultancy products to help cities with getting large investments and loans, their communication towards citizens, internal leadership and organisational development, and implementing the digital infrastructure. It’s a lot for a start-up, so what is the focus? Helping cities become adaptive.”

foto Serendipity 2

From IXT: 
IXT has established its third office in Eindhoven besides holding offices in Venlo and Barcelona to serve their clients in the Brainport Region. IXT recruits the finest AI, Robotics and Automation talent or deliver AI, Robotics and Automation professionals through secondment. Furthermore, Chloé van Onacker started as a business developer, and she is leading the Eindhoven office. Check out our intro video

From Qualified: 
“Like many of the AIIC residents, we were lucky to find here our new home at the beginning of the year. It took some time so settle in, but ever since we have been pleasantly surprised about what it has brought us. As an online platform focused on the high tech industry, there’s no better place to be than at the heart of the High Tech Campus. Simply by being here, organizations are able to find us better which has led to more projects posted on And it’s worth mentioning that we even started our own machine learning project for advanced technology matchmaking together with our AIIC neighbor Datacation.”

“Another thing that we’re proud of is the launch of our PaaS-solution. This means that any ecosystem can use Qualified’s technology to unlock their expertise online. And the cool thing is that it’s already live at Brainport Industries and within 26 European countries via the 3DPPan initiative (see attached image).”

“The past year was eventful, and we’re sure that 2022 will be an even bigger rollercoaster ride since is growing and more and more organizations are joining. Let us help you as well with advancing your technology or business development in the new year by creating a free profile here. We wish you lots of holiday joy and lots of luck in 2022!”



AI for Good Circle 
BAIKE- launched by Gareth Thomas and Shujohn Ahmed. This initiative searches to inspire the youngest by teaching them the possibilities with AI. BAIKE partnered-up with the 5G Hub to offer the students a day of tech immersion, so students could learn more about other exciting technologies. 12 schools subscribed with over 600 kids from groups 7 and 8! Due to Covid regulations, the tours will get started in the beginning of 2022. Would you like to join BAIKE’s mission? Sign-up here.

Deep Learning Circle 
Several ideas have been brought up led by Francesco Cannizzaro, Panagiotis Meletis and Shubhabrata Roy to extend the DL Circle. Podcasts, use case presentations and round table sessions are being planned for 2022. The goal is to bring like-minded professionals to discuss topics such as applications of deep learning in design and fashion, in the automotive sector, telecommunications and surveillance to name a few. The DL circle will kick off with the first public activity during the first quarter of 2022. Check out their pitch below.

Ethics Circle 
A pitch has been developed by PhD candidate Min’enhle Ncube and Rick Bouter. In this initiative, called HumAIne, Artificial intelligence is growing exponentially worldwide with multiple applications including healthcare, Semicon, High Tech, Manufacturing, motor automation, telecommunications, facial recognition and others. This means that AI plays an increasingly impact on our business, culture, human life and values. For this reason, positive ethical approaches are necessary to ensure that AI is used in parallel with regulations, laws, societal norms, customer expectations and organizational values. Stay tuned for upcoming activities!

Digital Transformation Circle 
Sebastiaan Laurijsse, Veronika van Heur and Carmen Bratosin are leading the DT Circle. The first activity they have in the planning is a concrete realization of a round table session. The objective is to invite companies from the region to present their needs regarding digital transformation. The second proposal is to organize a digital “book” club where every month they pick up a blogpost/talk/podcast, and they gather to discuss it.

Would you like to join the Circles and the activities mentioned above? Just become a member of the AI Leadership Forum and join the conversation!

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