From Data to Intelligence: the second step in the journey towards AI adoption

The AI Innovation Center, AI-hub Brainport and Brainport Eindhoven joined forces to organize a series of four sessions that explore the connection between AI and MedTech. The content of  these four sessions has been carefully curated to build on each other with the purpose to inspire MedTech companies about the potential AI technologies can enable. These sessions guide the companies through a journey from awareness and inspiration to action and adoption. Therefore, at the end of the fourth session, MedTech companies have the knowledge and tools to get started on their AI journey.

On the 8th of March, 2022, the second session, “From Data to Intelligence” took place at the AI Innovation Center. During this event, two keynote speakers and three MedTech startups joined the podium to share their insights, reveal what the future looks like in the healthcare sector, showcase the technologies they’re developing, and how these technologies aim to overcome society’s challenges.

Below you will find a video of each speaker and the take-away points of their presentations.

Keynote speaker Kees van der Klauw, Manager at Netherlands AI Coalition, e/MTIC.
AI is very important for the transformation of the health and care sector. The major problem is the use of data across various organizations. Here, in the Brainport region, e/MTIC has launched an initiative to build a health care portal that enables various organization to share date in an easy or responsible way.”

Keynote speaker Jeroen de Mast, Academic Director at Jheronimus Academy of Data Science.
“Organizations should make a data science innovation roadmap where they think about then years into the future… But also think beyond the horizon of what your organization currently does and think about new opportunities that data analytics enable. Think about how these opportunities will change your business model and maybe even change the mission of what the organization is about.”

Start-up pitch Freya de Mink, Business Development Lead at Roseman labs.
“Roseman Labs is on a mission to transform the way companies work with sensitive data. And we have a software solution that allows parties to collaborate on data without disclosing or sharing their source of data. I invite anyone in the MedTech community to come up with challenges where they would like to collaborate on data from devices or across organizations.”

Start-up pitch Max Roeters, Co-founder at Brush AI.
“Why is it that in a field where innovation goes so rapidly as within data science, regulation always lacks a bit behind. There’s relatively so little attention for data ethics or negative impact. That’s why at Brush AI we want to enable a fair and safe digital future for everyone, in order to progress towards a safe and digital future, we have to work together.”

Start-up pitch Maartje Claassen, Director at Sara Robotics.
“Sara is a social care robot developed for long-term care to support healthcare professionals and to make clients more self-reliable. We have also adopted a data-driven way of working and AI will help us render the robot more independent. This is to better help healthcare professionals and especially clients.”

The third session of AI Innovation Sessions- MedTech will take place on the 12th of April. The topic is: From Inspiration to Action. After the foundation has been laid, we now take a closer look at specific characteristics of AI in the health(care) sector and the impact for your organization. Let the first meetings sink in, take a look at your own data and come up with specific questions to ask the experts. During interactive small sessions between participants and the experts, we look at the impact for your organization and how you can take action. For more info email at:

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