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Why AI for manufacturing?

While most people have become very aware of the importance of artificial intelligence (AI) in all sorts of processes that make their lives easier, there’s still a world to be won when AI in manufacturing is concerned.

Some examples of how AI can help through collecting huge amounts of (operational) data to leverage complex manufacturing technologies:

  • Track core KPIs and metrics like OEE, production rate, or scrap rate (smart factory)
  • Forecast accurate delivery dates and avoid missing deadlines (supply chain)
  • Spot and fix equipment inefficiencies as and when they develop (connected worker)
  • Spot attacks across cloud services and IoT devices and interrupt them in seconds (cybersecurity)
  • Reduce waste and energy use in production facilities (sustainability)

AI Innovation Series on Manufacturing

The AI Innovation Center is launching a series of events, publications, and roundtables to address the opportunities of AI in the manufacturing industry.

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All events take place at the AI Innovation Center and are free of charge.
  • January 25

    WORKSHOP: AI in manufacturing: discover your use case

  • November 16

    ROUNDTABLE: Sustainability in Manufacturing

  • December 13

    TRAINING: Improving Supply Chain with Machine Learning


Insights & Knowledge Sharing

In several articles, read about the potential, challenges, examples and best practices of how artificial intelligence can help manufacturing companies.
AI Manufacturing Connected Worker

Connected Worker

Artificial intelligence supports the worker and can thus solve many current challenges facing the manufacturing industry, such as labor shortages while improving the productivity of their factories. Without losing the benefits of human input. Read the use cases and lessons learned provided by TwentyNext and 4Industry.

AI Manufacturing Smart Factory

Smart Factory

Thanks to artificial intelligence, big data analytics, cloud computing, and digital twinning, the whole production process can be monitored and adjusted whenever necessary. The key benefits of this ‘factory of the future’ are fewer shutdowns, predictive processes, optimized facilities, leading to cost-effective and efficient manufacturing. Want to learn more? Check out this article with insights from Mobiquity Inc. and 4Industry.

AI for Sustainable Manufacturing

AI-based systems are highly compute-intensive. They must process a great deal of data, expanding the need for servers and dependence on energy to cool data centers. No wonder the adoption of AI within an organization will increase the company’s energy use. Read more on how to achieve the opposite? By deploying artificial intelligence to reduce your carbon footprint instead of enlarging it, you cannot only help the planet but also improve your company’s profits.


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