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Why AI for manufacturing?

While most people have become very aware of the importance of artificial intelligence (AI) in all sorts of processes that make their lives easier, there’s still a world to be won when AI in manufacturing is concerned.

Some examples of how AI can help through collecting huge amounts of (operational) data to leverage complex manufacturing technologies:

  • Track core KPIs and metrics like OEE, production rate, or scrap rate (smart factory)
  • Forecast accurate delivery dates and avoid missing deadlines (supply chain)
  • Spot and fix equipment inefficiencies as and when they develop (connected worker)
  • Spot attacks across cloud services and IoT devices and interrupt them in seconds (cybersecurity)
  • Reduce waste and energy use in production facilities (sustainability)

AI Innovation Series on Manufacturing

The AI Innovation Center is launching a series of events, publications, and roundtables to address the opportunities of AI in the manufacturing industry.

Save the dates

More details on the events will be announced soon.
  • October 19

    Smart Factory Initiatives

  • November 16 + 18

    AI Expert Round Table & Hackathon: Sustainability in Manufacturing

  • December 13

    Improving Supply Chain with Machine Learning

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