AWS selects 45 AI startups led by women for AIm High – AI Bootcamp for Female Founders

Today, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced companies selected to AIm High – AI Bootcamp for Female Founders, an acceleration program offering hands-on AI support on top of business, technical and mentorship program powered by the AWS Startup Loft Accelerator. 

The vision for the program is to level the playing field for female entrepreneurs in the most exciting technology of the 21st century. A unique perspective that women bring to AI is crucial to shaping its future. By supporting female founders, we can address this gap and promote greater gender equality in the field of AI.

According to Kellen O’Connor, General Manager of AWS Startups in EMEA, “There’s no question that AI will be the defining technology of our times, similar to the disruption from the internet and mobile these last two decades. Yet, only 22% of AI professionals are women and only 1.9% of all VC funds went to women-founded companies in 2022. Our goal is to bring more diversity and equity to the field of AI by helping women-led startups from across EMEA to scale and benefit from the best that AWS has to offer our customers and partners.”

The startups that joined the cohort build solutions in a variety of industries including Healthcare, FemTech, LegalTech, Sustainability, Business Applications and E-commerce. Startups have many plans for the program and they are ready to work hard and network with like-minded women founders. Kinga Matula, PhD, the co-founder and CEO of QurieGen, said: “I joined the AIm High AI Bootcamp for Female Founders with great enthusiasm because it is an exceptional opportunity to access a wide range of resources, networks, funding, and skill development sessions that can help me to build and grow successful AI-based startups. I believe I can gain what is needed to thrive in a competitive industry with specialized knowledge transfer and technical training. Furthermore, access to support from AWS experts, VC funds, and Amazon’s cloud infrastructure and partner network can provide the necessary exposure to media and investors, giving female founders a chance to succeed in a traditionally male-dominated field.”

We’re excited to share with you the full list of the AIm High startups below:

  1. Sensorita (Waste management) – We help waste companies cut time, emissions and costs with our smart sensor system.      
  2. Cubode (No-code) – Cubode is the only no code platform designed to teach people how to code extremely fast.
  3. Closure (Customer care) – We deliver digital-first, data-driven customer care solutions for key moments in life. Currently. we deliver a solution for improving the bereavement / death notification process at corporate organizations, and are expanding into financial aid related customer care.
  4. Mentessa (HR) – A skill-based collaboration platform to connect organizations for the future of work.
  5. Beetested (Gaming) – AI-based videogame testing of fun factor.
  6. Cellgrid (Geospacial software) – We enable efficient location analysis for real estate developers and urban planners by providing ready-to-use insights about any place on Earth.
  7. INHUBBER Contract Management (Encrypted contracts) – Contract management and digital signature provider with AI analysis and blockchain based encryption.
  8. TRACIK (Healthcare) – We develop a clinical decision support system called TRACK which is an AI-based web application developed for the differential diagnosis of thyroid nodules to enable early diagnosis.
  9. Niya (HR) – Niya is an AI-powered diversity and inclusion marketplace enabling global businesses to connect with, hire, mentor and train underrepresented people at scale.
  10. Question Base (SaaS Knowledge management) – Turn Slack into a knowledge base with generative AI.
  11. DAFO Digital Manufacturing (Digital Manufacturing) – Computer Vision Software for manufacturing processes optimisation.
  12. Stretchme (Wellness) – Create interactive training app giving real time feedback on the user’s posture using computer vision technology.
  13. SATECH (Healthcare) – We provide an AI-based solution embedded on a wearable device that guides visually impaired people through voice commands, ensuring maximum comfort and safety while navigating.
  14. Muze Art (Generative AI) – Purpose-built video creation tools for modern music marketing & fan engagement.
  15. Megi (Healthcare) – We help more than 1.3 billion people reduce their cardio risk, and prolong their heart health and life.
  16. Surge (Supply Chain) – A blockchain-based data platform for supply chain collaboration.
  17. Gocleer (Mobility and Sustainability) – Gocleer is an AI-powered mobility data solution that combines mobile phone motion sensors with a gamified behavioral change program and sustainable rewards, to help companies, cities and insurers in accelerating the adoption of low-carbon, safe, and active urban mobility. It also radically improves the capability to gather comprehensive mobility analytics like: commuting patterns, carbon footprint, and mobility risk profiles.
  18. (TravelTech) – Creates AI powered travel packages.
  19. Amaka Studio (MediaTech) – A Creator Platform Connecting a Global Community and Sharing Pan-African stories.
  20. eWAKA Mobility (Mobility and Sustainability) – We provide access to multi-modal electric micro-mobility fleets for commuting and commercial purposes.
  21. Ada Growth (Corporate Edtech) – Ada is the digital mentor in every woman’s pocket.
  22. Checkturio (Logistics) – Checkturio provides an unique SaaS for digitizing the process for determining, assessing and accounting for damage in connection with the use of vehicles empowered by AI.
  23. RealSight (Proptech) – AI driven decision-making for optimizing real estate operations management.
  24. Hint Technology (Entertainment) – Do you ever get stuck scrolling on platforms like Netflix? We have built an app that considers your taste, situation and mood and will give you recommendations across platforms and inspire you to press play.
  25. Precision Sports Technology (SportsTech) – Software providing real-time feedback and analysis on exercise technique to reduce risk of injury, enhance performance and increase participation in strength and conditioning.
  26. Lakmoos (Data analysis) – We automate innovation using AI and advanced data analysis.
  27. (SaaS automation management) – Jebra is an automation platform that is revolutionizing the way businesses automate their workflows by eliminating the requirement of data warehouses and in-house technical talent.
  28. Journeyz (SaaS) – Journeyz provides a Personalized B2B Customer Management solution which helps go to market teams (Account Managers, Customer Success) who want to improve customer retention rates and grow expansion opportunities by analyzing product adoption data in correlation with business objectives, in scale.
  29. ConsciESG (Fintech) – ConsciESG helps institutional investors deploy capital for impact with confidence, through our proprietary SaaS that delivers all the ESG impact tools they need.
  30. Whyze Health (Healthcare) – Digitally unlocks the siloed healthcare providers, creating wider access to research for patients and physicians. The LinkedIn for research.
  31. Senstile (FashionTech) – Digitizing textiles to enable AI-optimization and circular economy in the textile and fashion industries.
  32. Syndiag (Healthcare) – Syndiag uses artificial intelligence and ultrasound imaging to early diagnose cancer, providing accurate and objective evaluation in shorter time and lower costs.
  33. Impact AI (SaaS) –  Impact AI – is an AI-driven, full 360° Impact Assessment software for enterprises to maximise their AI products’ value and stay compliant.
  34. DEAN Intelligence (LegalTech) – The first advanced legal research platform that harnesses AI & NLP to make more efficient and effective legal research in right-to-left languages.
  35. OnTime (Mobility and Sustainability) – Community based delivery for rural areas.
  36. ALPA Kids (Edtech) – ALPA Kids develops easily localizable e-learning games for children aged 3-8, their parents and teachers to help children learn the essentials like colours, numbers, the alphabet etc through examples of their own culture and local nature.
  37. E-TERRY (Agritech) – E-TERRY builds an autonomous agricultural robot, designed to advance sustainable agriculture on a large scale through automation and AI.
  38. Teamfluencer (Influencer Marketing) – Teamfluencer is a nano influencer marketing platform offering cloud and AI-based solutions and made collaborations with the strongest brands in the world.
  39. QurieGen (Biotech) – QurieGen sets up a new paradigm for drug development powered by a combination of AI and proprietary technology that deciphers biology to de-risk and accelerate expensive drug development for more drug approvals.
  40. Alajo App (Fintech) – Alajo is the digital piggybank for the under(un)banked and non-smart phone users in Africa; we are building an escrowed banking system between Agents and Users using USSD and SMS, to help people save money every day, and ensure there’s no funds misappropriation.
  41. Trenches AI (SaaS) – The company provides an AI-powered SaaS for Businesses, Individuals, and Entities to interact with custom data and generate insights for common business use cases like customer support, marketing, sales, anomaly detection, recommendation systems, predictive modeling, and lots more.
  42. Watchers App (Media and Entertainment) – We help different platforms easily turn themselves into social ones, through providing them with customized and easily integrated rich community chats, supported with AI-moderation and engagement widgets.
  43. MetaVision (Computer vision) – MetaVision is a live screen translation app for instant text translation directly on mobile screens, including images and videos.
  44. CREDITAIS (Fintech) – CreditAis automates lending processes and leverages machine learning to develop alternative credit scoring suited to lenders targeting small businesses in the informal sector or people with adequate financial history.
  45. Beams (Productivity) – Beams helps you navigate your workday with more focus and less stress. Website:

What’s next for the AIm High bootcamp?

We believe that helping democratize AI will make the technology more secure, more potent and more accurate, on top of helping women and minorities break into the most exciting technology of our times. According to Lisa Brouwer, investor at Curiosity VC and the expert of AIm High, “Empowering and supporting women-led startups in the AI space is crucial for creating a more diverse and innovative startup ecosystem. Programs like AIm High provide valuable resources, network, and mentorship to help these startups succeed and drive AI/ML adoption, ultimately advancing the technology and shaping the future.”

In the next 12 weeks, program participants will focus on developing their AI use cases, meeting experts, getting introduced to investors and business and technology leaders to accelerate the development of their products. 

Rosilari Bellacosa, co-founder and CTO of Syndiag, expects to do just that: “We at SynDiag are very excited to be part of the AIm High Bootcamp. The tech and business sessions with AI experts will help us improve product design and delivery, and best respond to customer needs. I also look forward to building a network of professionals in the AI field with different backgrounds and interests. The bootcamp is an opportunity for SynDiag to develop key competence and consolidate our activity in the health tech industry.”

This article was written by Monika Rozalska-Lilo, Senior Startup & VC Business Development Manager, EMEA of AWS.

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