BAIKE kicks-off with first AI Awareness Workshop

What a huge milestone for BAIKE (Brainport AI Kids Education)!

The first AI Awareness workshop was delivered yesterday April 4th to a group of middle school students from the region. The students spent half a day at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven to immerse in the technologies of the future. The morning was spent at the AI Innovation Center where the students enjoyed from an AI Awareness workshop. Afterwards they visited the 5G Hub, where they learned about the potential of the 5G network.

AI awareness for future generations

The initiators of BAIKE, Gareth Thomas, co-founder of VersionBay and Shujohn Ahmed, Vice President of Financial Services at CGI met last year during a brainstorming session organized at the AI Innovation Center to kick-off the AI community. During this session, Gareth and Shujohn joined the AI for Good Circle and decided to launch BAIKE in order to create awareness of the impact of AI for our future generations.

The concept of BAIKE aims to leverage the passion and brainpower of the over 12000 engineers and scientists on the High Tech Campus and organize multilingual workshops and awareness workshops in the AI Innovation Center for kids between 11 and 13 years of age. So far 15 schools from the region have signed up and 950 kids are on the waiting list.


Gareth and Shujohn plan to continue organizing BAIKE sessions and invite students from all over the region to come to AI Innovation Center and interactively learn what AI is, its relevance, and how much fun it can be!

For joining as a volunteer, sign-up here or contact Gareth Thomas at

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