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Looking back at a successful High Tech Campus Open Day

We look back at a great High Tech Campus Open Day! On Saturday the 8th, thousands of visitors, ranging from families with kids to professionals looking to […]

AI Innovation Center upgrades community areas

Hub news! 🧡 As some of you may have already seen, AI Innovation Center has recently upgraded the event space, coworking area, and one of the main […]

NAXCON joins the coworking community of the AI Innovation Center

We are happy to welcome NAXCON BV to the AI Innovation Center, as they become part of our coworking community. Founded in 2023, NAXCON BV is a […]

Key requirements for high-risk AI systems, according to ML6

April 3rd marked another successful edition of our AI Meet-Up and Open Office Day. During the Meet-Up, we were joined by ML6’s Michiel Van Lerbeirghe and Pauline Nissen, who […]

Our takeaways from the TU/e Open Lecture with Carlo van de Weijer

Following last week’s insightful open lecture by Carlo van de Weijer, general manager of EAISI – Eindhoven Artificial Intelligence Systems Institute, here are our main takeaways:  The […]

The AI Innovation Center coworking community continues to expand: Meet RisKey

The AI Innovation Center coworking community continues to expand. The latest addition is the team of RisKey: a risk consultancy that provides insights leveraging their AI, TrustBot. […]

Welcoming AI startup Ocuma to our coworking community

Our coworking community is expanding! We’d like to introduce you AI startup Ocuma. AI powered safety for public swimming pools Drowning is the third leading cause of […]

AI Meet-up recap: Meike Nauta’s hands-on tips in steering a ‘black box’ like ChatGPT

As part of her insightful talk during December’s AI Meet-up, Meike Nauta provided us with some hands-on tips in steering a ‘black box’ like ChatGPT, to generate […]

New collaboration: AI Innovation Center joins forces with Celonis

We are thrilled to announce the addition of Celonis to the partner network of the AI Innovation Center. Celonis is the global leader in process mining. Moving […]

Welcoming a new resident to the AI Innovation Center: ITEA

A big welcome to the latest resident of the AI Innovation Center: ITEA. ITEA is the Eureka RD&I Cluster on software innovation and digital transition, enabling a […]

Our takeaways from the AI Summit Brainport 2023: Expert Track

We look back at a successful AI Summit Brainport 2023! Many thanks to all who joined our Expert Track, especially our speakers and panelists for sharing their […]

Air Data Europe joins the coworking community of the AI Innovation Center

A big welcome to a new member of our coworking community: Air Data Europe! Air Data Europe offers advanced “hydrogen-ready” drones through a progressive and sustainable approach. […]

AI Innovation Center welcomes new community member AIKON Health

We are happy to announce that AIKON Health has joined the AI Innovation Center. AIKON Health, a spinoff from TNO, is developing a wearable medical device that enables seamless remote […]

AWS makes Amazon Bedrock generally available to help businesses innovate with GenAI

AWS has announced the general availability of Amazon Bedrock and powerful new offerings to accelerate generative AI innovation. This April, AWS announced Amazon Bedrock as part of a set […]

17 job openings at the AI Innovation Center

Are you an AI specialist or fanatic and have you always wanted to work at one of the world’s biggest high-tech campuses? Join one of our residents […]

ML6 and AI Innovation Center join forces in new collaboration

We are excited to welcome ML6 to the AI Innovation Center. Going forward, ML6, AWS and the AI Innovation Center will work together to leverage our expertise […]

Axelera AI announces first shipment of powerful Edge AI solutions to customers

Great news from one of our residents, as Axelera AI just announced its first shipment of the Metis AI Platform to its Early Acces Program customers. The […]

10 AI/startup events to join after summer

Looking to fill your calendar with some exciting AI/startup events after summer? You’re in luck! Here’s a roundup of ten upcoming events startups and scale-ups simply can’t […]

Rackspace Technology Launches Foundry for Generative AI by Rackspace (FAIR)

Great news from one of our partners, as Rackspace has launched Foundry for Generative AI by Rackspace (FAIR™). FAIR is a groundbreaking global practice dedicated to accelerating […]

Romain’s takeaways from the AI Meet-up Summer Edition

Last week, Jakub Tomczak shared his insights with us during the AI Meet-up Summer Edition. He introduced us the key components of generative modeling and presented success […]

Get ready to work with data with the Datacademy bootcamp by Datacation

Looking for an efficient way to get yourself or your team ready to work with data? Our resident Datacation created the Datacademy for this. Where most courses […]

AI Innovation Center to host expert track during AI Summit Brainport 2023

We are proud to again host the expert track during the AI Summit Brainport 2023 on November 2nd. After last year’s successful first edition of the AI […]

Introducing TOAST ICT

We’d like to introduce you to one of our dear residents of the AI Innovation Center: TOAST ICT. TOAST ICT is a boutique consultancy firm, providing top-notch […]

Key Takeaways from the Generative AI Panel Discussion

Recap of our panel discussion on effective learning strategies to implement generative AI: Many thanks to Burce Gültekin from Friesland Campina, Felipe Chies from AWS, Larissa Hendriksen […]

Cheap Computing and the Balancing Act of Population Decline

A blog by Cristian – Gavril Olar | Director of Systems Software at AXELERA AI  After 20 years of calling me to fix their email and antivirus settings, my […]

Artificial Intelligence directly detects toxic clouds at Tata Steel plant in the Netherlands

Artificial Intelligence could be the key to spotting poison clouds from Tata Steel faster. Greenpeace Netherlands and FrisseWind.nu are teaming up with Fruitpunch AI to boost the […]

MIT’s Lori Glover at the AI Innovation Center

We were very pleased to welcome Lori Glover to High Tech Campus Eindhoven’s AI Innovation Center. Attendees were captivated by Lori Glover’s presentation on the transformative potential […]

AWS selects 45 AI startups led by women for AIm High – AI Bootcamp for Female Founders

Today, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced companies selected to AIm High – AI Bootcamp for Female Founders, an acceleration program offering hands-on AI support on top of […]

Predicting new and existing product sales in semiconductors using Amazon Forecast

This is an exciting example from NXP of how machine learning (ML) can enhance and support the work of product managers and Line of Business decision-makers. NXP […]

How Will Generative AI Revolutionize Our Work?

Bram Verhoef, Head of Machine Learning & Co-Founder at AXELERA AI shares his thoughts. This week was Labor Day, a day dedicated to celebrating the achievements and perseverance of […]

Amazon Web Services joins AI Innovation Center to accelerate the use of AI

We are very happy to announce our new collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Through education and inspiration, the new collaboration aims to increase the implementation and […]

Watch back: How Will Generative AI Impact Your Business?

Generative AI is everywhere these days, offering a lot of potential to various industries; from creating personalized products and services to optimizing supply chains and streamlining workflows, […]

Rackspace Technology Becomes First Multicloud Service Provider to Develop Partnership Agreement with HTCE’s AI Innovation Center

Excited to have Rackspace Technology joining our ecosystem as a new partner. This means: You will soon see a team of motivated “Rackers” at our hub sharing […]

Recap of the AI Meet-Up

During the organized meet-up, Paul van Son gave a short update on everything that is happening in and around the AI Innovation Center. Kees van der Klauw, […]

White Paper: Transformations of Future Health – and the importance of data and AI

More than one out of six people in The Netherlands – nearly 17% – works in healthcare at a time when there’s a global shortage of healthcare […]

AI is eating the world

Terry Boyd’s takeaways from our recent event on “How Will Generative AI Impact Your Business?” The event at High Tech Campus Eindhoven had us thinking about Marc Andreessen’s quote […]

How data technology from Eindhoven saves companies worldwide millions – article by Brainport Eindhoven

Twenty years ago Wil van der Aalst, who was then a professor at TU/e, laid the foundations for process mining. Meanwhile, this smart data technology saves companies […]

GrAImatter labs: Making brain-inspired chips to enable AI

Artificial intelligence is conquering the world and if you’re thinking we’re talking about software, you’d be correct. Relatively speaking, that’s the easy part. AI also requires a […]

Gareth’s 9 highlight talks from the PyData conference

Did you miss PYDATA EINDHOVEN 2022?  During the conference, the international community of users and developers of data analysis tools shared best practices, new approaches, and emerging […]

Recap of the AI in Manufacturing Workshop: Discover your Use Case

During the organized workshop together with cboost, two companies developed their individual use cases for AI in manufacturing, including a pitch on how to implement more AI […]

AI in Logistics: take aways from meeting player organizations in the Netherlands

Giuseppina Schiavone from SAAC recently joined the event Artificial Intelligence in logistics: chances and opportunities at our AI Innovation Center. She summarized her take aways from the event in […]

Developing Urban Air Mobility and future-proof cities needs planning, forward-thinking, and just a bit of Serendipity

His startup may physically be in HTC 5 on High Tech Campus Eindhoven, but Jonas Onland lives and works in the future. Air taxis and flying cars may […]

LUMO Labs and BOM invest €1.2 million in Autoscriber in seed round

Healthtech innovator Autoscriber has closed a seed round totaling 1.2 million euros from LUMO Fund II Seed Capital and the Brabant Development Agency (BOM). Autoscriber is a […]

Recap of the AI Roundtable: Sustainable Manufacturing

The roundtable addressed how AI can contribute to sustainable manufacturing. Read the recap and download presentations.

How AI can help your manufacturing company reduce its carbon footprint – and increase your profits

We all know how AI-based systems can be a real burden to your company’s energy bill and to reaching global climate goals. How about exploring AI’s capabilities to achieve the opposite? By deploying artificial intelligence to reduce your carbon footprint instead of enlarging it, you cannot only help the planet but also improve your company’s profits.

AI in manufacturing

Smart Factory: when digitization meets connectivity

When digitization meets connectivity, you enter the smart factory. The fully digitized manufacturing facility of the smart factory uses devices, sensors, machinery, and production systems to continuously collect and share data.

AI Connected Worker

The ‘Connected Worker’

Artificial intelligence supports the worker and can thus solve many current challenges facing the manufacturing industry. Read the use cases and lessons learned that manufacturers can take advantage of.

AI in manufacturing

Welcome to the world of AI in Manufacturing

The AI Innovation Center is launching a series of events, publications, and roundtables to address the opportunities of AI in the manufacturing industry.

Microsoft and AI Innovation Center help organizations with AI

How do you help high-tech companies get the most out of AI? You should bring knowledge, new ecosystems, and cutting-edge technology together on ‘the smartest square kilometre’ […]

GrAI Matter Labs Unveils Life-Ready AI with GrAI VIP 

Saving time, money, and vital natural resources. GrAI Matter Labs, a pioneer of brain-inspired ultra-low latency computing, announced that it will be unveiling GrAI VIP, a full-stack […]


The startup Axelera AI, wich is based in the AI Innovation Center of the High Tech Campus Eindhoven, has now revealed its first successfully tested and validated Thetis Core chip. […]

AI in healthcare, resetting office life, Open Day and start-up funding – AI Digest May 2022

Upcoming events you can’t miss Startup funding: How to raise venture capital (AI Innovation Center, May 10th) If you’re a fast-growing tech company, chances are that you’ll […]

AI News – April 2022

Industrializing AI in the Brainport Eindhoven Region: Home base of the regional applied AI community Event recaps AI Innovation Session- MedTech Series Who gives consent to data […]

BAIKE kicks-off with first AI Awareness Workshop

What a huge milestone for BAIKE (Brainport AI Kids Education)! The first AI Awareness workshop was delivered yesterday April 4th to a group of middle school students […]

Microsoft AI Business School – online events

Explore how artificial intelligence supports business leaders today. Learn how to drive business impact by creating an effective AI strategy, enabling an AI-ready culture, innovating responsibly, and […]

From Data to Intelligence: the second step in the journey towards AI adoption

The AI Innovation Center, AI-hub Brainport and Brainport Eindhoven joined forces to organize a series of four sessions that explore the connection between AI and MedTech. The […]

How ecosystems and communities foster innovation and create additional value

The High Tech Campus in Eindhoven houses more than 250 high tech companies that employ over 12,000 innovators who create the technologies and businesses of tomorrow. The […]

Our AI Community Day is back!

On Wednesday February 23rd, 2022 we were able to welcome around 30 people to our AI community day event at the Center. In the course of the […]

3 factors that must be considered to build AI we can trust

‘Mathematically capturing the world isn’t enough,’ according to Arnaud Hubaux and Ingelou Stol. Here, they unpack three key areas that impact whether AI can be trusted, or […]

AI Innovation Center 2021 Recap

2021 was the year that the AI Innovation Center was launched and developed with a clear objective: to industrialize AI in the region. This means that our […]

AI helps us to squeeze every possible bit of performance out of our machines

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a game changer both for industry and society. To ride the wave of this technological revolution, High Tech Campus Eindhoven in cooperation with […]

Data is the new resource and the new currency

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a game changer both for industry and society. To ride the wave of this technological revolution, High Tech Campus Eindhoven together with NXP, […]

High Tech Campus Eindhoven opens AI Innovation Center

High Tech Campus Eindhoven joins forces with Philips, ASML, NXP and Signify in a new partnership to drive the application of Artificial Intelligence technologies by companies and […]

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