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ITEA webinar ‘The legal consequences of using AI in healthcare’

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June 20
15:00 - 17:00
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ITEA Topical roadshow session – The legal consequences of using AI in healthcare

20 June 2024 | Online

AI is invading our daily lives, and more AI applications are used every day. This is also the case in the healthcare sector where a high number of applications and tools are developped to support medical staff in its decision making, e.g. an AI system that assists radiologists in detecting tumours and enabling the diagnosis or exclusion of breast cancer. In this context, you must consider the requirements arising from the AI Act; a new European law that restricts the use of AI, algorithms, and machine learning and brings obligations to ensure that medical software is safe and of sufficient quality to be deployed in healthcare.

The legal consequences of using AI in healthcare

In this ITEA Topical roadshow, which is co-organised with ITEA project partner and expert in developing eHealth technologies Medrecord from the Netherlands, the legal consequences of using AI in healthcare, also in relation with the AI Act, will be discussed and insights in certification of eHealth applications will be shared.

The session will contain a few testimonials and an open discussion with the participants.

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