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Microsoft Fabric & Databricks on Tour by Plainsight

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May 14
17:45 - 21:00
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High Tech Campus 5



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Plainsight announces: Microsoft Fabric & Databricks on Tour!

Join us on a journey with Microsoft Fabric & Databricks at our upcoming event! This delightful two-session evening affair takes place on May 14th at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. Get ready for an informative and engaging experience!


17:45 – 18:15:  Welcome, registration, drinks & sandwiches

18:15 – 18:20:  Event introduction

18:20 – 19:10:  Session 1: Exploring Microsoft Fabric’s uncharted waters

19:10 – 19:40:  Break

19:40 – 20:30:  Session 2: Implementing a Data Mesh with Databricks on Azure

20:30 – … :   Networking

Session 1: Exploring Microsoft Fabric’s uncharted waters

Speakers: Bo Vande Sompele & Lou Segers

Hello Microsoft Fabric! Microsoft’s shiniest & brightest flagship set sail a few months by now.


👉 we’ll first navigate you through the uncharted waters of OneLake, explore the depths of lakehouses and warehouses, and stop by some of the dataflows along our journey.

👉 Next, we’ll see how valuable insights pop up above the horizon whether we’re floating on Import, DirectQuery or a DirectLake.

👉 To sum it all up: We’ll dive into the different components Microsoft Fabric has to offer, going knee-deep in the whole process from ingesting data to serving it to your end users. So come and join us, the water is just great!

Session 2: Implementing a Data Mesh with Databricks on Azure

Speakers: Sander Allert


👉 Data Mesh or Data Mess?

👉 We will look at how DataBricks is enabling more business users throughout our data landscape within and outside of the organization, what are critical decisions?

👉 Let’s take a moment to think about what a mature data analytics environment looks like and why DataBricks is chosen.

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The speakers:

Lou Segers:
Lou Segers is a data analytics expert at Plainsight with a strong emphasis on the Microsoft BI stack with over 8 years of hands-on experience. Power BI addict since 2017, finding his fuel in data challenges rather than caffeine intakes & loves to interact with anyone breathing data. 💨 A sweaty run or a satisfying padel session are among Lou’s favorite energy drainers.

Bo Vande Sompele:
Bo is a data and analytics consultant at Plainsight with experience in data modeling, data integration, data engineering and data analytics. Next to that she trains new data analysts in spe at Syntra (Evening trainings for adults).

Sander Allert:
Sander Allert is a data platform architect and analytics expert with over 10 years of experience in creating solutions that turn data into insights. He has successfully delivered a broad range of solutions for leading retail brands, covering every retail-specific KPI imaginable. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge on new technologies and best-practices. In his spare time, he enjoys riding his motorcycle and climbing.

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