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High Tech Campus Eindhoven

Welcome to High Tech Campus Eindhoven: home of the AI Innovation Center. High Tech Campus Eindhoven is Europe’s smartest square km and has the ultimate high tech open innovation ecosystem to accelerate your business. By joining the AI Innovation Center you become part of 12.500 innovators, researchers, and engineers that create the technologies and businesses of tomorrow.


A great place to work


By 2030, High Tech Campus Eindhoven wants to be one of the leading tech hubs worldwide. To realize this ambition, the Campus has developed a new strategy that emphasizes on the latest digital technologies that make the world a better place. And you can be part of it.


High Tech Campus Eindhoven 2030 vision

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The AI Innovation Center is located right next to The Strip, the beating heart of the High Tech Campus. This location gives direct access to 250 of the most relevant high tech companies and all other benefits of the Brainport region.