ML6 and AI Innovation Center join forces in new collaboration

We are excited to welcome ML6 to the AI Innovation Center. Going forward, ML6, AWS and the AI Innovation Center will work together to leverage our expertise to push the boundaries of today’s AI solutions.

Pushing the industry forward
“It’s great to be part of this vibrant community of innovators and be able to discuss and share knowledge on AI and collectively push the industry forward,” said Matthias Feys, co-founder and CTO of ML6. ML6 is a leading AI company with a team of 100+ AI and Machine Learning experts, based in Ghent, Amsterdam, and Berlin. The goal of ML6 is to help clients adapt faster and to stay on top of the technological revolution. The company is trusted by global players in the retail & e-commerce, manufacturing, media, healthcare, and financial services industries. “ML6 has a proven track record in MLOps, a key topic for companies. Bringing their knowledge and expertise to the AI Innovation Center and this region will help us with our overall mission of industrializing AI in Brainport Eindhoven,” said Paul van Son, founder of the AI Innovation Center.

We are happy to have them aboard and look forward to collaborating!

Join ML6 and AWS on 21 September 
ML6 will have its first event at the AI Innovation Center on September 21st, along with AWS. Join their informative workshop to gain insights into the current landscape of AI/ML, the importance of MLOps, and how its adoption can enhance success in your ML journey.

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