Our AI Community Day is back!

On Wednesday February 23rd, 2022 we were able to welcome around 30 people to our AI community day event at the Center. In the course of the afternoon, various introductions and presentations took place.

AI Innovation Center News

We started by providing a recap of the activities of 2021 and an overview of the residents at the AI Innovation Center.

AI Community Day

Sebastiaan Laurijsse introduced the concept for our AI Experience Day Conference. This Conference will take place in June 2022. The program will be designed to help companies embark on the journey of AI adoption.

Participants will have the choice of enrolling in two different tracks according to their experience level. In the Adoption track, participants will join workshops addressing key barriers to AI adoption, and they will work on a plan to tackle their main challenge. Some of the topics are: what’s holding you back from applying AI?; liberating structures; talent acquisition & retention; data availability & quality, and more.

In the Expert track, participants will focus on deep dives into challenges that specific sectors face in scaling AI such as healthcare, mobility and semicon. Discussions around industry approaches, and how to apply AI at scale will also be included.

We’re currently looking for volunteers that would like to join the organizing committee. If you’re interested email us at ai@hightechcampus.com

Sebastiaan Laurijsse introducing AI Experience Day Conference

Community Announcements

FruitPunch AI

Our partner FruitPunch AI introduced the AI Wildlife Lab. The AI Innovation Center will host this Industry Partner Info Session on the 📆 9 March 2022 16:00 – 17:00 CET.  
What’s in it for your company?
🦏 Put your SDG ambitions into action (CSR, ESG or just do Good!)
🐆 Find real-world assessed AI Engineers 
🐊 Train you Engineers in state-of-the-art AI
🐒 Solve your AI Challenge
Within this Lab we will be combining efforts of our industry partners to solve Challenges for Wildlife Preservation organizations all over the world 🌍
The AI for Wildlife Lab focuses on:
🌳 SDG 15: Life on Land
🖲️ Edge Computing
📹 Computer Vision
🤏 Tiny ML
🤖 Anomaly Detection
Join the Industry Partner Info Session! Sign-up here: https://connect.fruitpunch.ai/events/79405

Tjomme Dooper pitching AI Wildlife AI

BAIKE (Brainport AI Kids Education)

Gareth Thomas and Shujohn Ahmed (founders of BAIKE) pitched their upcoming BAIKE fieldtrip session to the AI Innovation Center and 5G Hub. BAIKE is an initiative with the mission to “make Brainport the beating heart of the Netherlands when it comes to AI“ through awareness AI workshops on the High Tech Campus for kids.

The first fieldtrip will be launched at the end of March, and Gareth and Shujohn are looking for volunteers to help with coordinating the groups of children at location, teaching the AI workshop and more. For more info check-out their page here.

Shujohn Ahmed and Gareth Thomas pitching BAIKE

We wrapped up the evening with talks and drinks, and everyone got the chance to connect and exchange ideas with each other. It was nice to have such an event up and running again after the long pause. Be sure to join us next time!

Upcoming event: AI Innovation Session for Medtech: From Data to Intelligence, March 8th from 11:00-12:30.

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