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The AI Innovation Center is home to over 15 AI companies and is located in building 5 (HTCE 5), right in the heart of High Tech Campus Eindhoven. The Center offers everything you need to start your journey toward AI innovation and adoption. There are a few ways to join the AI Innovation Center. You are more than welcome to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Join the AI Innovation Center

Interested in collaborating or becoming a resident?

Are you interested in joining our applied AI community? From office spaces and flexible desks in our hub to joining forces in achieving our mission – we're happy to discuss the possibilities.


High Tech Campus Eindhoven

Our center is located at High Tech Campus Eindhoven: a vibrant ecosystem of nearly 300 high-tech companies and more than 12.500 innovators, researchers, and engineers with 100+ nationalities. Discover all about Europe’s smartest square km.


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