Our takeaways from the AI Summit Brainport 2023: Expert Track

We look back at a successful AI Summit Brainport 2023! Many thanks to all who joined our Expert Track, especially our speakers and panelists for sharing their insights and best practices. Some takeaways from the track:

🤝 Addressing human factors is essential for the responsible development, deployment, and adoption of AI to ensure that they benefit and align with human values and interests while minimizing harm and unintended consequences.

🩺 GenAI is evolving regarding creativity, intelligence, and cost consumption, showing significant potential in gaming and medical industries. Its impact mainly targets white-collar jobs, before blue-collar sectors.

⚙ Is there AI FOMO? Almost all organizations seem to want to jump on the bandwagon. GenAI is not always the solution, but a tool you can use. Ask yourself: What are you trying to solve? Is GenAI the right tool for that?

🧠 GenAI offers ample opportunities for organizations, but its application often lags due to various factors (especially among enterprises). AI adoption is more about organizational change than a technological hurdle.

👨‍💻 Successful AI implementation requires a top-down approach, with comprehensive training across the organization. Make sure you get hands-on experience, for instance, by finding the right partners.

👩‍✈️ AI Augment People: GenAI will be embedded into day-to-day as co-pilots. They bring a multitude of benefits, but there is still the unpredictability of the information they gather.

🗣 The next AI wave will be about goal-oriented behavior, where LLMs are combined with agents to perform tasks. This innovation will transform virtual assistants, customer service, and autonomous systems.

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