Our takeaways from the TU/e Open Lecture with Carlo van de Weijer

Following last week’s insightful open lecture by Carlo van de Weijer, general manager of EAISI – Eindhoven Artificial Intelligence Systems Institute, here are our main takeaways:

  •  The unconditioned reality tends to perform better. It often works because humans have the ability to think outside the lines and be creative. AI will be a million times smarter than humans, which is why we should not allow it to flexibly interpret the rules.
  • AI still has a lot of flaws. For instance: automated cars still result in lethal accidents. We should aim for the combination of artificial and genuine (human) intelligence, such as integrating AI into human-driven cars, to save lives.
  • AI can make us more productive by 66%. “AI will not replace humans, but those who can work with AI are going to replace those who can’t.”
  • “The real danger is not that computers will begin to think like humans, but that humans will begin to think like computers.” — Sydney J. Harris. We should embrace the added value of our quirky human thinking in all aspects of our lives, acknowledging that in the future, computers will follow the rules and guidelines for us.
  • 80% of people have deskless jobs. Currently, a lot of AI is focused on desk jobs, but we have to think about how to innovate deskless jobs. Carlo sees three steps:
    • Drive untapped labor participation
    • Make these jobs more attractive (in terms of voice, money, safety, opportunities)
    • Design for 8x augmentation (the demand is growing).

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