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AI Hub Brainport

The AI-hub Brainport wants to further help, strengthen and connect initiatives with a focus on the development of AI and its applications. They focus on medtech, mobility and industry.

The AI-hub Brainport is an inclusive platform accessible to companies, educational institutions, and public organizations in the Brabant province. It serves as a collaborative space for developing, reinforcing, and interconnecting initiatives centered around the advancement of AI.

The focus extends to its application in key domains such as High-Tech Industry, Mobility, and MedTech. Recognizing AI's pivotal role across the value chain, the hub aims to uphold our high-tech systems' global leadership and competitiveness. The hub's value is derived from the collective knowledge and expertise amassed by these diverse stakeholders.

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Interested in collaborating or becoming a resident?

Are you interested in joining our applied AI community? From office spaces and flexible desks in our hub to joining forces in achieving our mission – we're happy to discuss the possibilities.