Recap of the AI Roundtable: Sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainability in Manufacturing is related to developing products, goods, and services that involve meeting our present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to fulfill their own needs. Sustainability as a concept recognizes that the environment is an exhaustible resource. Therefore, it is essential to use the environment and its resources rationally and protect it for the good of the Earth, our environment, humanity, & all living things.

The roundtable pivoted around how AI can contribute to overcoming challenges that the Manufacturing Industry is facing by leveraging AI. 

Let’s summarize our key takeaways from the roundtable on AI for sustainable manufacturing:

Joris Haverkort, Director Microsoft Technology Center

 If you want to become sustainable, start to record and report! If you don’t report, you won’t know what your emissions are, and you won’t become sustainable.

Sako Arts, CTO of FruitPunch AI

To solve humanity’s greatest challenges we need to educate AI engineers at scale with an ethical sustainable mindset!

Nick Stocker, ESG Program manager BL Apps at ASML

If you are really a sustainable company, you have to be ahead of regulations. Europe’s regulations don’t apply in other parts of the world.

Julia Bramble, Head of Sustainability Modelling / Product Sustainability at Tata Steel Nederland

When implementing artificial intelligence, we have to consider social aspects: Sharing knowledge, involving people and considering different languages of operators.

 Daniël Telgen, CEO of cboost

Manufacturing is a crucial industry to make a real impact regarding sustainability.

Ingelou Stol who gave a sustainability walk and talk over the High Tech Campus Eindhoven

We need innovative technologies to help solve global technology challenges. Make use of living labs to bring sustainable solutions to live!

Thank you all for contributing to the vivid discussion and exchange. We hope to see you soon at the AI Innovation Center at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven!

This article is part of the AI Innovation Series, organized by the AI Innovation Center. The series focuses on the application of AI in the manufacturing industry. Learn more here.

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