Recap of the AI Meet-Up

During the organized meet-up, Paul van Son gave a short update on everything that is happening in and around the AI Innovation Center. Kees van der Klauw, Manager of NL AI Coalition gave an update on the developments, opportunities, and activities of the NL AI Coalition.

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Opportunities on how to work with the NL AI Coalition

  1. For AI start-ups and SMEs: Apply for funding for your AI project through the AiNeD MIT Call by May 9th. There is even support available for proposal writing.
  2. For those starting a start-up without AI knowledge: Join forces with an AI partner. The NL AI Coalition can support this with their matchmaking service.
  3. Are you a big company with sensitive AI topics that need to be addressed? Bring them to the NL AI Coalition’s agenda and join forces with other stakeholders to find solutions. 
  4. Do you have expertise in AI ethics, education, healthcare, or other AI topics? Join one of the NL AI Coalition’s working groups to share knowledge and contribute to the development of guidelines and recommendations.

Thank you, Kees, for sharing!

Let’s work together to shape the future of AI in the Netherlands! 🤝