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Axelera AI

Axelera AI delivers an AI-native game-changing hardware and software platform to accelerate artificial intelligence. Headquartered in the AI Innovation Center of the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, Axelera AI has R&D offices in Belgium, Switzerland, the UK, and Italy and operations in 15 European countries. Its team of experts in AI software and hardware hail from top AI firms and Fortune 500 companies.

If you put relatively limited constraints on cost, power, and scalability, Artificial Intelligence is easy. This is how today’s available AI technology has been designed – for cloud computing, delivering inefficient and expensive technologies based on standard and graphic computing architectures – poorly suited for AI/edge workloads. Hardware for edge applications needs a completely innovative design that considers specific computational performance, power, and economic needs.

Axelera AI is revolutionizing the field of artificial intelligence by developing a cutting-edge hardware and software platform for accelerating computer vision on edge devices. Their platform, built using proprietary in-memory computing technology and RISC-V dataflow architecture, delivers industry-leading performance and usability at a fraction of the cost and energy consumption of current solutions.

Today, their focus is on accelerating computing vision and natural language processing at the edge. In the future, the possibilities are limitless.

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