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Datacation improves business results quickly, securely & effectively with AI, big data, and mathematical models. The team helps organizations work data-driven to create substantial and long-term value.

Many companies would like to do more with data but are not sure where to start. Or they have a clear application in mind but do not have the specialized knowledge in-house. In both cases, Datacation offers a solution. They lend companies a helping hand in becoming a data-driven enterprise.

The Datacation team consists of AI specialists, econometricians, data engineers, data analysts, and data scientists. They have in-house experts for prediction algorithms, optimization techniques, text processing with a custom ChatGPT++, and image analysis with advanced computer vision models, among others. Moreover, their engineers can unlock data and combine the right data resources in the most efficient way (on-premise, SQL, Azure Cloud, GCP), and provide real-time data insights through visualizations and dashboards in BI Tools (Tableau, PowerBI).

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