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Technology has brought us great prosperity, but we are confronted with major urgent societal challenges such as climate change, replacement of fossil fuels and the sustainable availability of food that cannot be solved in time with current technologies.

To solve these societal challenges before it's too late, we have to innovate even faster. This requires more and more specialized expertise and a growing availability and flexibility of technical project resources during the development of technology.

Qualified offers this in the best possible way by unlocking the technical expertise of experts and organizations, connecting them and allowing them to share their knowledge, services and expertise in order to advance technological development. Simply said; Society must have direct access to an extensive network of experts and organizations that help them solve their challenges in the most qualified way in order to change the world for the better.

Their mission is to advance technology development by unlocking technical expertise. In five years’ time Qualified has advanced technology development by being the dominant online high tech platform for everyone who wants to solve technical challenges. So that we can keep up with the current speed of innovation and apply technology to keep changing the world for the better.

Interested in collaborating or becoming a resident?

Are you interested in joining our applied AI community? From office spaces and flexible desks in our hub to joining forces in achieving our mission – we're happy to discuss the possibilities.