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Serendipity helps to renew old cities for the generations to come. Cities and ecosystems that are sustainable, adaptive, and resilient to the societal and environmental challenges of tomorrow. Inclusive ecosystems, caring for their citizens and guided by the moral compass, staying in balance with nature.

They improve the quality of life, making our planet a place where we all can thrive. Believing that 21st-century education, emerging technologies, and collaboration are the key components for designing sustainable solutions that are human-centered and durable for the generations to come. Creating an adaptive environment and positive change for society is something we are truly passionate about.

Serendipity proactively anticipates and acts upon new social and technological developments and create measurable societal impact and systemic improvement.

Key instruments include:

  • A focused product/services portfolio that includes technology, funding, storytelling, implementation, and leadership.
  • Business development building of the next-generation solutions.
  • Connecting the unconnected through the ecosystem approach.

Interested in collaborating or becoming a resident?

Are you interested in joining our applied AI community? From office spaces and flexible desks in our hub to joining forces in achieving our mission – we're happy to discuss the possibilities.