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Axelera AI

Axelera AI is developing a game-changing hardware and software platform for AI that will make the industry more integrated, efficient and accessible. We are powering the new data-driven world – a world where artificial intelligence helps us create a better future.



Cboost is an engineering company and a social enterprise that provides high-tech consultancy and engineering services. Using robotics and artificial intelligence, they develop technological business solutions that improve processes and make them more sustainable. Cboost’s multidisciplinary team of engineers and consultants mix and match technologies to create full-scale solutions. Services range from developing and integrating AI into machines, to helping create digital strategies and training employees to use intelligent technology.



Our mission is to make data-driven work accessible to all organizations. We support this by democratizing the value in data. This means that we want to make data useful for everyone in the world so that everyone can benefit from the value it offers. Together we work on our vision: A data-driven innovation for a better future.



i-SMRT strives for a smart digital city, working on the process where organizations can anticipate to new situations using new technology, a bridge between the physical and digital world and XR, an umbrella term for all AR, VR, MR and in between immersive technologies.



Develope future skills, create positive energy & make impact! At IXT we like to make an impact. Our mission is to find the right highly skilled Data & AI and Robotics & Automation professional for every manufacturing company who will make the digital difference, temporarily or permanently.



Merlicon is a technology supplier company that specializes in Robotic Automation, Machine Vision and it builds robots that can see, and systems that can learn. Our team develops solutions suitable for the dark factory concept such as fully automatic systems, unmanned machines, quality control systems.



Noosware is a research focused company, working on cloud applications. We aspire to do things that have not been done before. To achieve this, we work together with developers and users of technologies, and co-create solutions with a great potential to enter the market. We believe in open innovation, user and citizen engagement, and participatory action research. We strive to identify concrete value propositions for specific target groups, and build innovative business models that turn value into revenues. We work along the whole chain of research activities from needs discovery, scientific discovery, technology development, demonstration and validation as well as business model development, project financing and the creation of appropriate framework conditions for adoption



After the impact of COVID-19 on the workplace, Hybrid Office is now the “New Normal” combining the benefits of remote working and office working. Offilancer uses artificial intelligence to optimize Office Cost Reduction, Overlaps of Teams in the Office, Innovation at Workplace, Mental Well-being.



Our mission is to advance technology development by unlocking technical expertise. In five years’ time Qualified has advanced technology development by being the dominant online high tech platform for everyone who wants to solve technical challenges. So that we can keep up with the current speed of innovation and apply technology to keep changing the world for the better. As you now start search with Google, you will soon start your technological developments with Qualified.



We turn your product page into a fitting room. We do this by projecting your visiter in any outfit of their choice. We increase both your sales and retention rates by aligning expectations with reality. Resleeve leaves nothing to your customers’ their imagination, so they know exactly what to expect from their purchase. We sell our technology to fashion brands and retailers. You can provide it to your customers by easily integrating Resleeve into your retail channel. We’re building an API and integrations for popular Content Management Systems.



We improve the quality of life, making our planet a place where we all can thrive. We believe that 21st century education, emerging technologies and collaboration are the key components for designing sustainable solutions that are human centered and durable for the generations to come. Creating adaptive environment and positive change for society is something we are truly passionate about.



Stactics, located in the AI Innovation Center at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven, develops various innovative solutions for enterprises and governments. Using artificial intelligence (AI) as a starting point, we create models and applications that make our partners’ products smarter. Stactics deploys AI as an extra sense to enrich humans and make decisions fundamentally better.



TOAST is a consultancy firm, guiding corporate enterprises into success by supporting them with implementing technical solutions. A pragmatic, hands-on, and clear approach has resulted in 100+ sustainable relationships with our clients and partners worldwide.



In a complex world where data is increasing exponentially, we help organizations create value from data and make relevant information available at the right time. With data science and artificial intelligence from Twentynext, it enables organizations to make better decisions, gain more control and improve results.


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