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How AI can help your manufacturing company reduce its carbon footprint – and increase your profits

We all know how AI-based systems can be a real burden to your company’s energy bill and to reaching global climate goals. How about exploring AI’s capabilities to achieve the opposite? By deploying artificial intelligence to reduce your carbon footprint instead of enlarging it, you cannot only help the planet but also improve your company’s profits.

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AI Innovation Sessions: Medtech

We discovered the potential of AI in our first session, talked about how to transfer data into intelligence in the second session, and went from inspiration to action in our third session. Now in our fourth and final session, we would like to share with you the lessons learned. What are the hurdles that entrepreneurs encountered and how did they overcome them. What were the practical, legal, data, and business model challenges that were faced and how can you learn from this so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. During this session, several speakers will share their knowledge and understanding gained by experience.

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